Welcome to M5 RANCH SCHOOL

A Community for Learning with Five Marys Farms!

About M5 Ranch School

A Community for Learning by Five Marys Farms.

Learn age-old skills, modern day lessons, animal husbandry, ranch life, outdoor living, vocational skills, art & travel... and so much more through our interactive lessons and engaging activities.

Connect with other families eager to broaden horizons, learn new things, and find information on curriculums and opportunities - no matter if they are homeschooling, interested in exploring homeschooling options or enrolled in traditional schooling/distance learning. All levels, including lifelong learners are WELCOME.

What's Included?

Content & Curriculum

Workshops are designed for learners to work at their own pace! We provide content and resources to engage learners of all ages and interests. Complete every lesson in each workshop or pick a few of your favorites.

Included in each workshop are engaging video lessons, behind the scenes footage, text lessons, A to Z learning pages, activity worksheets, future entrepreneur pages, and challenge activities. Extend the learning with additional resource links, a read aloud video, and book lists. There is something in Ranch School for everyone!

An M5 Ranch School Community 

Ranch School is also a community of like-minded families and students exploring options to embrace alternative or additional learning opportunities. Connect with others on the community forum, share ideas, participate in discussions, and so much more! Members can post, comment, and ask questions. 

Get alerts and updates on new content and information with our own RANCH SCHOOL APP to view on any device, from anywhere! You can also print over 1200 pages of lessons and workshops to be digital free if you prefer - but we think you'll love our engaging, educational video lessons too.

Who Can Join?

Come one, come all! 

All ages are welcome. From Pre-K & Kinder, Elementary, Junior High and High School students to Lifelong Learners eager to expand their horizons and learn new skills while being a part of our community. 

Our content is geared to span all ages and will be enriching and enjoyable from toddlers to retired folks!


Experience Ranch School for yourself!

You can join at any time! When you become a member, you will get access to all previous workshops immediately. Join new workshops and explore the content as it is released.  We have multiple plans to join monthly, yearly or with a lifetime membership - choose one below!

Questions? Email [email protected] for more information.